Women in the Military

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Women have done incredible things within the history of the world. They have proven time and time again that they are equal in just about every way with the opposite gender. However now the question of whether they can or even should fight beside men in combat has come up. Many people think that because almost the whole world has recognized that each individual has all the same basic rights, regardless of their gender or race, that everyone can do the same job equally. This is simply not true and women should not be allowed to serve in combat roles. Although the lifting of the ban on women in combat seems to be “pro-woman” it is not. It is putting them in harm’s way and not just that; it is putting women in situations that are not…show more content…
Women make up 14.6% of the total military in the United States and the majority of them do not want to be put into combat roles. (Mackenzie, “Let Women Fight”, Foreign Affairs) There are some women who want to be closer to the action and they take roles in programs like the Lioness programs which are used to help infantry soldiers communicate to civilians in villages across Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only is this a slim percentage of women in the military but women regularly reject joining these programs because of the danger or the fears that come with joining an infantry unit. (McNulty, 155, “Myth Busted”) The psychological affects from women sent to combat roles cannot be understated. In a study of women in combat roles done to 450 Israeli Defense Soldiers during their basic training showed that the stress level was significantly higher in the women who had combat training than the men who had the same training. (Moran, “Psychological Aspects”, Personal and Individual Differences) This was not only due to the nature of the role; having to be prepared to fight in battle constantly, but also due to the fact that women have to change their mindset of being women because historically militaries and wars are manly in nature. Women often try to fit into these roles; only increasing stress levels because they are worrying about their social status in their units. With stress levels high
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