Women 's Athletic Teams For Women

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Over 400 Division I men’s athletic teams have been disbanded from existence since the inception of Title IX. Title IX, implemented in 1972, “is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.” (Keating) Title IX has achieved great success with women’s sports since the inception and the number of females in sports is six times greater since the inception of Title IX ( Although it has had great strides with women, it is disadvantaging men, especially in athletics. Title IX requires that colleges give the same amount of scholarships to women as they do men. On paper, this seems to be a great idea, but the consequences were never taken into consideration and caused tremendous problems. In order to give the same amount of scholarships to men and women and be compliant with Title IX, men’s athletic teams have been cut in the process. Men losing the opportunity to receive scholarships for their respective sport at a college of their choice and sports teams getting cut is an issue that needs to be solved. Men’s sports teams cannot keep on being cut, for there are ways in which Title IX must be enhanced to benefit everyone. The problems of men’s athletic teams being cut can be solved by reducing outrageous spending, add women’s programs, and give more control to colleges. Before Title IX was created, fewer than 32,000 women took part in college athletics while over 170,000 men

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