Women 's Belief Of Human Bodies

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Introduction In ancient Greek societies, women were largely restricted due to the ancient Greek’s belief of human bodies. Even though men and women were physically different and Greek societies were male-dominant, women had an important part to play in religion. Ancient Greek religious practices varied between men and women. Overall, ancient Greek religion was based on a give-and-take mindset in which the Greeks believed that they would receive protection from Gods and Goddesses if they worship and sacrifice for them. The roles of men and women in religious practices were vastly different. Since a woman 's voice is higher in pitch than a man 's, women had special roles in ancient ritual ceremonies. During animal sacrifices, women would whisper a cry called Ololyge while the priest, a man, would carry out the sacrifice. Another difference between men and women in ancient Greek culture would be the method of prayer. While men would pray to their Gods standing up straight with their hands up high in the air, women would pray by kneeling down. Women kneeling down to pray symbolized their close relationship with the Gods and Goddesses.

Religion was a big part of ancient Greek culture. Ancient Greeks believed that it was their responsibility to worship Gods and Goddesses. They believed that if they did not worship their Gods then great misfortune would fall upon them. It was believed that Ancient Greeks feared that the Gods might cause natural disasters and spread diseases if

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