Women 's Health Assessment Part II

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Women’s Health Assessment Part II: Labor There are various stages of labor. According to Chuma, Kihunrwa, Matovelo, and Mahendeka (2014) the initial stage of labor occurs at the onset of cervical change to complete cervical dilatation, and is further divided into latent and active phases (Chuma, Kihunrwa, Matovelo, & Mahendeka, 2014). When the cervix starts to efface and dilate up to 3cm, this is considered to be the latent phase. The active phase is declared when cervical dilatation increases, and occurs from 4 cm to 10 cm (Chuma, Kihunrwa, Matovelo, & Mahendeka, 2014). Case Study and History of Present Illness X.C., a 30 year old married Asian female who works in her family’s business. She is a non-smoker, she does not drink alcohol or use drugs. She lives with her husband and 4 year old son. She denies any history of abuse, and reports feeling safe at home. She also uses her seatbelt regularly. X.C. presents to the office today for a scheduled non-stress test for gestational diabetes. Her blood sugars have been well controlled with this pregnancy, by diet. She is a G2P1, with one previous vaginal delivery. EDC is 4/8/16. X.C. is currently having lower abdominal pain and pressure in her vaginal area that started 3 days ago. She is also c/o of constant, dull pain in her right upper quadrant (under her ribs). X.C. has tried drinking water, resting, and Tylenol for pain. These measures
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