Women 's Impact On The Media Industry

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In a world where women account for just under half the population the representation of women in media is shocking! Media is one of the most powerful tools to educate, effect social changes and spread political awareness in the world. From childhood our personalities have been shaped due to films and TV programmes, yet only 12% of protagonists in 2014s top 100 grossing films were female. This is only one of the many examples of how women are unfairly disadvantaged in the media industry. This is ridiculous in a world where gender equality is thought to be greatly improved. Woman have gained the right to vote, escaped household roles and have achieved successful careers in the past century but are still given less protagonist roles, paid …show more content…

An analysis by TIME magazine found that women actors hit the peak of their career at 30, whereas for men it is 46, with many young women actors appearing in major films usually with men over 40-years-old. For example, Emma Stone at the age of 27 starred in movies with male co-stars each aged 53, 45 and 40. Scarlett Johansson also starred opposite two 47-year-olds at the age of 28 and 29. This means that women actors over the age of 30 are hardly getting any screen time compared to male actors of similar age. For example actress Monica Bellucci, 51, who was casted in Spectre as a main character, only appeared in the movie for all of 15 minutes. Women are also discriminated against for their looks in the media industry where even many successful actresses have faced rejection for their looks. Meryl Streep who was rejected a role in King Kong because she was apparently too 'Ugly ' for the part. This illustrates the shocking double standards the media industry has, as women are valued more for their physical appearance rather than their talent or experience in the industry. What is even more absurd is the fact that there is a $28 million pay gap between the highest paid actor Robert Downey Jr (who earned $80 million in 2014) and the highest paid actress Jennifer Lawrence (who earned $52 million in 2014). This clearly highlights the unfair and the demeaning disadvantage women have in the media industry.

Sexism isn 't just a problem in the entertainment side of the

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