Women 's Rights During The Civil War

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Women 's Rights In the Civil War Time Period
Before the war, women had very little rights. A married woman could not control property that was hers before marriage, keep control of her wages, acquire property while married, she could not transfer or sell property, she couldn’t even bring a lawsuit. A husband could do anything he wished to with a woman’s material. He could sell them, break them, and his wife couldn 't sell or give away the exact same things. It was immensely unfair to women. But, they would not stay quiet for long. The sexism had to stop! Women in the civil war era. What image comes into your mind? A nurse? What about a nobel spy, or a leader to many? Even an abolitionist, a soldier, or maybe even a civil rights activist. Many women wanted to speak out for their beliefs, but remained quiet, for they feared it would not have a good outcome. But, some didn’t stay quiet. Harriet Beecher Stowe was one of those women who was not scared to speak for her, and many others, beliefs. Harriet was a passionate abolitionist, and her book ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ made her an international celebrity. She is even considered one of the causes of the Civil War. Her book personalizes the political and economic arguments about slavery. President Abraham Lincoln greeted her in 1812 and proclaimed, “So you’re the little woman who wrote the book that started the great war.” Harriet Tubman was a hero. She was a runaway slave who became a conductor in the

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