Women 's Role As A Woman

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Women plays various role throughout their life such as they play a role as a daughter, wife, and mother to someone. Women from centuries been doing so much for others, being a good housewife, raising children, giving birth, working to support their families, etc. Women are the reason that we are here today in this world living. Back in the era woman’s role was to be a housewife, taking care of children and her husband, making sure that everyone else’s needs are being met. Over the time this role has been changed, today there are many women who are working outside of their house. Women have different occupations, they are teachers, doctor, lawyer, president, and owner of their own businesses. Despite of women achieving so much in their life …show more content…

Single mothers raising her child and giving all of her energy to raise her child and working at the same time. Even though we are living in 21st century but still we are having to fight for gender wage gap. Women’s work is not seen as more valuable than men, such as if there is a promotion going on in an office environment it’s more likely that the male will get the promotion, “studies have shown that women’s performance at work is evaluated less favorably by male supervisors” (Abendroth, et al., 2017, p. 193) this is the reality of our society and gender discrimination with earrings. No matter how hard that all the women’s in the office may have worked for the promotion achievement, but yet she won’t get the equal wage promotion. When comparing wages between men and women studies indicates that women’s earrings are very low compared to men. Women at workplace are given general positions and most companies have male supervisors, “on average only 0.6% of managers are women. The largest representation of women in management within a single workplace is only 5.6%” (Abendroth, et al., 2017, p. 198), the result shows that there are less women with higher positions “only 13% of male workers have a female supervisor, but 56% of female workers have a male supervisor” (Abendroth, et al., 2017, p. 200), women getting inadequate salary because they are not given a chance to do something much more than they are already doing.

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