Women 's Roles During The American Armed Forces

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Combat roles are grueling and nerve breaking, with a lot of commitment and endurance required. Masculinity is the most suited trait for anyone to fit adequately and perform effectively. Mostly, men fit well in these roles due to their masculinity. However, women too, can perform as equally as effective as men. The effectiveness and suitability of inclusion of women in major combat roles in the American Armed forces has faced heated debates, between people who believe that the combat roles are most suited for men, and those that term these people as sexists and argue that women aren’t as qualified and capable of fighting in war. In essence, women can be as effective as their male colleagues in these combat roles.
Combat roles in the military and armed forces entail soldiers fighting at the battleground, under the most adverse conditions, with heavy artillery and other supplies. Combat roles involve endurance and physical strength, which most women might lack, whereas the opportunity to represent the county at war needs to be open to all who are willing to sign up as a show of fairness in creation of opportunity. Feminist proponents want more women included in combat positions and serving at the war front, whereas opponents of the move, in public discourses, view this as unnecessary since women are weaker. Personally, I think women should sign up and be allowed to fight just like their male counterparts. The United States Armed Forces comprises of the Army, the Marine Corps,

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