Women 's Suffrage Movement : Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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In the late Nineteenth century, women were beginning to become more progressive in their actions. They began to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights. In the late 1850’s, Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the more prominent women to do so. She worked with Susan B. Anthony to deliver a majority of the population the rights that they rightfully deserved. Her actions are important in the United States’ History because they helped to encourage women to form the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Many Scholars have written about her, but simply with a different lens of focus. For example, they have written about her use of the bicycle in her campaign and her unique stance on religion. It is important to continue studying her actions because the issues she was fighting for back then, such as: the abolition of capital punishment, and an end to police brutality, are still issues today. Perhaps if the people of the United States today collectively took after her intrepid and forward thinking attitude in life, there could be more positive change in this country.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton worked hard to get where she did in life, she had to fight very hard to get done what she did. But she started it all out in an upper-middle class family in New York. She went to a prominent school there as well, Emma Willard 's Troy Seminary, which was “considered one of the best educational institutions then available to women” (source #2). She was often characterized as being intelligent and of

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