Women's Relationships with Men in "Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives"

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Are you looking for a book that will just straight out tell you some of the most common mistakes women do to mess up their lives? Well, if you are this is the book for you. It's written by Dr. Laura Schlessinger an admired psychotherapist and the hosts of a top rated midday talk show. Dr. Schlessinger has strong beliefs and opinions about the things women often do to mess up their lives, and in this book she comes right out and lets you know what they are. She writes about the ten most common things she hears from her actual patients and callers and helps us women to understand that we make our own choices in life, if we are not happy than it's no-ones fault but our own. You can choose to live a life of grief and misery or take her advice …show more content…

So we go with the flow with out, indeed, making any choice at all (29)."She often stresses about how women need to spend time thinking about what we want and need in our life and to not just settle for what we get but instead choose what we want.

According to the Dr. who bases her book on actual real life stories we often take any man that comes along and accept them. "We get pleasure in having a good time with someone, crave the attachment and approval, and get a big ego gratification by having a man attracted to us, so when we are desperate for these things we are not too choosy we settle instead of select which makes bad dating choices" (31). We to often let feelings of sadness and depression win us over when truly we should be angry, angry at our self for the behaviors we allow to mess up our life. The Dr.'s solution is that we need to start making better choices in or life, stand up for ourselves, quit being afraid of everything, have dreams, and go for them . When we are content with our own life it will be easier to find a good person to spend it with.

That brings us to how so many women have spouses who cheat on them or abuse them physically. Women put up with this because their afraid they will be alone and that means more to them than being out of harm's way. Some

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