Essay about Woodstock 1969

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The Woodstock of 1969 was a revolution in itself and responsible for

redefining the point of view, respect, and attitude of the so-called "counter-cultured"

youth of the late sixties. The attendants of the festival were youths from around the

United States in ages ranging from 17 to 26. The overall mood of the festival was very

relaxed and happy. Although there was a minimal amount of violence at Woodstock,

there were financial problems, drugs, nudity, and traffic jams that seemed to go for

miles down the old country roads surrounding Max Yasgur's dairy farm. Woodstock

was a symbol of the rebellious society of the time. The youths that went were looking

to vent out frustrations that their parents had forced upon …show more content…

Although there was plenty of peace, love, and hapiness going around the

Woodstock festival, the festival also suffered from lack of police force, money, and

overall ability to handle such an unexpected large crowd. It was said that "even with

ticket sales that went over $1.3 million, they pronounced the fair a financial disaster".

The second most noticable problem was the capacity of people in which Yasgur's farm

was holding at this event. No one on the Woodstock committee ever imagined that

people would tear down the unsturdy fences that surrounded the property and that the

concert would be a free attraction for all who came. Woodstock did not have the

resources, nor the equipment to deal with such an overly large crowd. Many on the

woodstock committee have stated that " if we had any linking that there was going to

be this kind of of attendance, we certainly would not have gone ahead". There were

also two accidental deaths at the Woodstock music festival. One young man died from

a drug overdose and the other in a tractor accident. There were other injuries acquired

but the participants of the festival, about 5,000 lesser injuries, but nothing of major

significants. lack of police force was also a major probelm for the festival. One of the

head officers in charge is quoted as saying " Now I don't have any security people at

all...I've been struck. We're having the

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