Wooquer Case Analysis Essay

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With the rapid evolution and expansion of the Indian retail environment, Madura F&L’s ability to morph in response to market demands and consumer needs is nonnegotiable. Engaging and managing their workforce is highly important as success within the retail industry is directly correlated to supporting a consistent brand image and providing a superior customer experience. With broadly distributed locations and employee base, it is crucial that consistent standard operating procedures be established and implemented to facilitate their ambitious expansion plans. To address this issue, Madura F&L should implement a cloud platform such as Wooqer to achieve operational effectiveness while enabling flexibility and real time collaboration to…show more content…
Engaging, developing, and managing the MF&L workforce is first priority as the complexity of managing operations intensifies with expansion. The workforce must be well educated on SOPs, enabled with the resources to successful complete all requirements, and monitored to ensure quality. Given the geographic and demographic diversity of their locations, customization of the training modules must be enabled to facilitate responsiveness to customer needs through the empowerment of leadership, without violating consistency. Current IT solutions available to Madura lacked sufficient consistency and coverage capabilities and were ineffective in managing remote programs. Very few solutions were able to assist in SOP training compliance monitoring. These solutions also hindered Madura’s ability to innovate and adapt to changes in their company’s process, which in turn delayed access to pertinent business information resulting in ineffectiveness. Venkatagiri and Prakash state, “…large-scale IT systems were found to be rigid on the strategic front. ERP systems were criticized for prescribing business processes, rather than accommodating them”(2013).
Significant investments have been made by MF&L that arguably are capable of satisfying the future demands of the growing company. Multiple platforms were integrated to form a solution that addressed many of the issues faced in the early 2000’s. Their
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