Work, Identity And Health, By Tom Fryers

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Work and Identity Identity is a ambiguous word. It can be defined as a person’s name, age, status and personality. After reading the “Work, identity and health” by Tom Fryers and “In U.S., 55% of Workers Get Sense of Identity From Their Job” by Rebecca Riffkin, I have a deeper understanding of the word ‘Identity’. Identity can also refer to work. It is the common phenomenon that people connect their jobs with the identity in today’s society. Both of the two articles mentioned above talked about identity can be found in work and how people are identified by the work they do, while there existed some differences, such as their different opinions toward women’s identity, the theme, format they had and what their audience are. To begin …show more content…

His mother didn’t receive education since she withdrew from school by his father’s command that “a girl did not need education”. As a result, a housewife implied that you had “no job, no status, low self-esteem”. Even though there were no direct evidence showed that women had less sense of identity from their jobs in Tom Fryers’s article, his illustration had strongly reflected that women’s identity was disregarded. Women did not get the job opportunities they deserved to have. According to their content, two articles all mentioned women’s job identity, they had quite opposite point of views. Rebecca Riffkin used the real data to tell the truth that women are slightly more likely to get a sense of identity from their job than men. However, Tom Fryers stated that worker-identity still remained problematic for many woman. In addition, typically both of two articles were related to work and identity, but they varied in their themes. For Rebecca Riffkin’s article, she presented the data and then argued that 55% of workers in U.S. got sense of identity from their jobs rather than just what they do for a living. Furthermore, she convinced readers with people from different fields. There was one sentence from the article said that :“Education is one of the most significant predictors of how workers approach their job”. More people that graduated from college got the sense of identity from their job compared with

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