Workforce Planning Process Paper

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The workforce planning process essentially ensures having the right people at the right time in place aligned with a firm’s business strategy, goals, and competitive environment. The process for a well thought out workforce plan consist of a firm’s business strategy, the firm’s talent philosophy and strategic staffing decisions, a workforce analysis, development and implementation of actions plans, and monitoring, evaluating, and revising the forecasts and action plans (Phillips & Gully, 2015, p. 117). It is a systematic assessment of future workforce needs and the determination of strategies and actions required to meet those needs. 1. Identify the firm’s business strategy: A business strategy is the firm's working plan for achieving its…show more content…
Articulate the firm’s talent philosophy and strategic staffing decisions: This steps involves attention to factors, such as promotions, worker retention, hiring preferences, and providing training to select candidates, as such dynamics influence a firm’s forecasting and alignment of its labor demand (Phillips & Gully, 2015, p. 117). 3. Conduct a workforce analysis: This assessment involves forecasting both the firm’s demand labor and the supply of labor available in the market. Next, a firm must ascertain any gaps between both factors (Phillips & Gully, 2015, p. 117). 4. Develop and implement action plans: In this step, a firm must create and implement actions plans will need to be created and implemented to address the gaps previously identified aligned to a firm’s talent philosophy. The action plans, whether short- or long-term recruiting, should consider the options of partner, subcontract, retain, develop, or hire to fill the identified gaps in regards to arising issues such as an aging workforce (Phillips & Gully, 2015, p. 117). 5. Monitor, evaluate, and revise the forecasts and action plans: In this last phase, a firm should take a closer look at the effectiveness of its workforce plan as far as meeting the company’s staffing goals. Changes in the business environment require a reassessment as well (Phillips & Gully, 2015, p.
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