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Page 1 Assignment 2 Our Workforce Matters A guide to work force and succession planning for New York state agencies Orla Spetrini February 5, 2012 The Workforce Matters guide for New York State agencies is a very valuable guide and relevant in 2012. It provides insight into the agency staff by recognizing the aging workforce and upcoming retirement; it recognizes the knowledge, experience and institutional memory that will leave the company once these long term employees leave. The plan addresses the changing demographic of its customers and the potential need for “new methods of service delivery and a workforce that reflects its customers”. They did not make the mistake of trying to solve staffing problems across the…show more content…
There was an assembly of demographic and separation data but as this is not detailed, I cannot see if other data was also looked at. If the internal landscape is not analyzed properly, when you begin your design, this can cause the entire plan to fail. Demographic and separation is not enough to create a solid plan. You also need education, training and certificate information, historical hiring trends, attrition trends, internal movement trends, performance history and retirement projections. Although often hard to gather, this information will be the most valuable tool and will ensure success in the end. “It’s rate for an organization to have all of the information needed to do a perfect workforce plan but your goal is not to have it perfect, your goal should be to become an expert on the composition and capabilities of your workforce”. “Managers must be trained (perhaps by human resources staff) to use the process or tool effectively and apply the results analytically.” SHORTCOMINGS It is not obvious that the plan includes a detailed staffing requirement that includes defining the capabilities and staffing levels that will be needed in each job category to implement the business plan. The focus should be on 5-10 critical capabilities and then out of those what capabilities are different from job to job or level to level. The other critical factor will be those capabilities that are
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