Staffing Planning Paper

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Staffing Plan Paper Adrian Gadsden April 25, 2011 Patricia Meunier-Muenks Staffing Solutions for US Military I am familiar with the Infantry and Cavalry division of the military structure and how to make this division of the US government functional is of crucial importance. First, by the very definition, the infantry and cavalry division of military service personnel requires a special mindset. It requires a person who understands that their life as well as others will be in a dangerous state and at any stage of conflict that has to be a mindset that the individual will be comfortable with. Regardless of the company for which one works, the staffing portion of any career is one…show more content…
The recruiting aspect is definitely made more efficient through product and proven ways of marketing, but our process will take things a step further. We will need to make sure that after we have a recruit, again that this is the person that is going to fall in line with what we are ultimately trying to get accomplished. We will put jobs in individual categories. What I mean by this statement is that though we are looking for people who are going to be infantry and cavalry ready, we also are going to have different roles in the structure of the unit. While we have some people who are much more hands on and like to learn by doing, we also are going to have people who will not necessarily be as hands- on but can do a good job of leading by thinking through issues. This is going to be the basic structure of the group, and with this two types of structures, we will be able to categorize any job in a blanket way to fall into these areas. We will use the recruiting process overall along with testing and background to encourage the recruits to take their careers in the direction that not only will be in our best interest, but also in theirs as well.

Operations The operations side of the unit will be ultimate responsible for making sure the overall business side of things are running efficiently and effectively
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