Working Together Toward A Common Goal Essay

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Balil Rogers
Small group communication involve a small number of people, usually engaged in face-to-face interaction, actively working together toward a common goal (Hamilton 262). In the film Green Zone there were three groups that had the same goals to rebuild Iran: US Army, CIA, and Pentagon.
There are three categories of group communication: Learning, self- maintenance, and problem-solving groups.
Learning Group: MARTIN BROWN- Team led by CIA field director Martin Brown (CIA).
Learning groups are involved in seeking and sharing information (Hamilton 264). Brown and Miller were exchanging information about the leads and findings of Al- Rawi. When they found out about Poundstone, they communicated to work against him.
• Informational research
• Competitive research
• Train members
• Orientation of new members
Self-maintenance Group: CLARK POUNDSTONE- Team led by Coalition Authority Clark Poundstone (Pentagon).
Self- maintenance groups seek to inspire desirable attitudes, understanding and communication patterns rather than merely inform (Hamilton 264). Poundstone made up Mallegan to help stop Al- Rawi. He try to kill Al- Rawi instead of taking him in for questioning while going against Brown and Miller.
• Internal communications
• Maintain corporate culture
• Maintenance of the brand
• Protect interests of the organization Problem solving Group: ROY MILLER- Team led by Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (US Army).
Problem solving groups make a series of decision in an

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