Working With College Students At California State University

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I was drawn to working with college students when I moved into my residence hall as a first-year college student. When I moved into Jenkins Hall at California State University, Sacramento I found what would become my home for the next year. I became a part of the Residence Hall Association and a student leader in my community. I took on the position in order to help me as I transitioned into college, it helped with becoming accustomed to college and gave me a sense of belonging.
Being the first in my family to go to college as well as a first-generation student I was given more opportunities than my families before me. There was nobody I could turn to with the questions I had about my college experience. For one of the few times in my …show more content…

I believe that through the opportunity to research the different aspects of students’ lives I will learn different needs from both theory and practice.
Throughout my life networking has been one of the areas that I have struggled with. The degree and the curriculum structure would allow me to grow both personally as well as professionally. The program will allow me to develop relationships through the structure of the cohort program. The cohort system will not only allow me to develop a network of systems within student affairs but will also give me the opportunity to become friends with like minded individuals.
However, earning a graduate degree would be a stepping stone into beginning my career as a student affairs professional. The degree would allow me to begin by working in residence life which will contribute to my understanding of the importance of living on campus for overall student success. After obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary I will continue my education and obtain a doctorate which will allow me to conduct further research and take on more leadership roles within student affairs.
The professional long-term goal is to become a Director for student retention and academic success at a university which will allow me to accomplish and bring together all of my three goals in one position. Personally, obtaining a master’s will allow me to

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