Working Women the Pros and Cons

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Stereotypes and histrionics do not last for long. With changing times, even Gender Stereotypes and Gender Based Histrionics are being forced to undergo a change. For centuries together, man has been the breadwinner of the family, sweating it out in the sun, dealing with unknown people and risking his life at times while the woman used to take care of the family and dealing mostly with known people in a closed and safe environment. Slowly the woman started moving out and started to work, however, the primary financial responsibility lay on the man and it was considered highly demeaning for the man if the woman earned money and the man had to depend on her. Poor woman was viewed as victim, being forced to work by the non-working man. Such…show more content…
It has to be borne in mind that it’s a result oriented argument and not process oriented. The arguments in favor of shifting the primary financial responsibility from men to women reflect a major attitude shift which will not happen overnight and also the existing perverted social setups and decades old social and mental hardwiring will be a further impediment to the said attitude shift. Also, in order to empower men to break marriages (the way women are empowered currently with a volley of easily misusable laws at their disposal like arsenal in warfare), men will need laws in their favor which also won’t be a reality for some years. And this exercise of attitude shift would have already stabilized the institution of marriage rendering multiple, gender obsessed, and biased marital laws quintessentially ineffective, redundant, irrelevant and uncalled for. 5. Liberation of Men: Allowing women to work wherein they assume the role of the primary financial backbone of the family would liberate men from a role they have donned for millions of years and would allow them to live the kind of life they want to. A life that does not force the man to compromise his interests and hobbies just in order to enable himself as the primary breadwinner of the family. Men can concentrate on other areas and improve their emotional and psychological health which will ultimately move them closer to their experiential domain. 6.
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