Working in the Nursing Profession in Australia

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Working in the nursing profession in Australia A. Enrolled nurse's domains The domains of an enrolled nurse encompass both educational and professional experiences. An advanced enrolled nurse has sought out additional training, education, and/or qualifications as well as has "breadth or depth of clinical experience and knowledge" and is currently active in practice (Adrian 2005: 4). The nurse can operate with minimal direct supervision and has also undertaken leadership roles in a managerial or clinical capacity (Adrian 2005: 4). Domains of proficiency of the nurse include professional development (Domain 1) which "reflect the advanced enrolled nurse's active engagement in ongoing learning and their collaboration with others in education as a basis for practice;" the provision of clinical care (Domain 2) which "reflect the advanced enrolled nurse's ability to provide more comprehensive clinical care in a focused or specialized area of practice" in areas which may sometimes extend beyond a healthcare environment; and management of self and others (Domain 3) which "reflect the advanced enrolled nurse's broader experiences, knowledge and skills that enable a more comprehensive scope of delegated responsibility and greater degree of indirect registered nurse supervision" (Adrian 2005: 4-9). The domains of advanced nursing are thus multifaceted in nature, encompassing the technical aspects of the profession such as seeking out education and bestowing care on a high,
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