Workplace Diversity. Canadian Business Comparison Report.

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Workplace Diversity Canadian Business Comparison Report The Canadian business comparison report comprises of the companies details and also the comparison between a Canadian local business and Indian local business. For this report I have chosen Canada’s Dollarama and India’s D-Mart as both company have same target market. Dollarama is Canada’s leading dollar store with 900 locations across Canada. Larry Rossy, a third generation retailer, founded the company in 1992. The first Dollarama store opened in April 1992, in a shopping center "Les promenades du St-Laurent" in Matane, Quebec. The products sold are in single or multiple pieces at selected price point of not more than $3. The company aims to provide customers with a consistent …show more content…

They also provide insurance and pension benefits for employee. Dollarama has a diverse working environment and the employees have the opportunity to enhance their retail as well as management skills and build a respectable career in the retail industry. Dollarama also provides the employees with competitive benefit packages which includes medical and drug plans, life and disability insurance. The employees can also opt in company matched pension plan. Dollarama has a diversified culture as the company hires locals as well as international students for part time/full time jobs. As there is a college nearby Dollarama has many international students working for them. D-Mart on other hand hires locals for job as there are not many international students in India. Also because of low wages in India (for most of the firms) no international student applies for job. Dollarama hires employees from age bracket of 16 60 years and varies from the position applied. The store manager’s age group is from 50-60 years and the assistant manager’s age group is 40-50 years. The key holder’s age group is from 25-45 years. D-Mart hires employees from age group of 18-50 years. The manager’s age group varies from 35-50 years depending on experience and qualification. The store associates age group is from 18-35 years. D-Mart selects its candidates based on their qualification and previous work experience. To

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