Workplace Motivation: QVC

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Workplace Motivation: QVC Motivation is a psychological process that causes arousal, direction, and the persistence of voluntary actions that are goal oriented (Ramlall, 2004). Lack of motivation is the main reason employees do not remain with a company. Employee retention is critical for a company to remain successful. For every 10 managerial and professional employees lost, an organization loses an average of $1 million (Ramlall, 2004). With respect to QVC, it is the nation's largest electronic retailer, selling a wide variety of merchandise that includes clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, housewares, and toys. The company sells its products through cable and satellite television,, in outlet centers, and via a retail store in the Mall of America. In 2003, the company broadcasted live 24 hours a day, 364 days a year, to over 85 million homes across the United States, 11 million homes in the United Kingdom, 34 million homes in Germany, and over eight million homes in Japan (Bloomberg, 2012). QVC, which stands for "Quality, Value, and Convenience," grew quickly into an industry powerhouse during the late 1980s and early 1990s due to increases in cable subscription rates, consumers' growing dependence on mail-order shopping, and advances in telecommunications, allowing the company, with its interactive approach, to integrate computers, television, cable, and telephone lines into an "information superhighway" (Bloomberg, 2012). Currently, QVC has 3,700
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