Workstations A Workstations Is Used By Users That Work With Advanced Applications

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Workstations A workstation is a powerful computer which is used by users that work with advanced applications. It’s mainly used by IT workers with high level occupations. The advantage of having a workstation is that you can use it as a storage device, restore you documents from it and keep it as a database to record figures. Workstations are mostly used by IT users which carry out complex IT tasks. ` Workstations are used for engineering programs as they have high quality graphics. Router It is a device that shares the network connection with multiple computers. It has the capability of connecting to other devices such as: game consoles, smart TVs etc. The advantage of having an router that you can connect more than one device to the network. All the devices on the network can directly communicate to each other. Routers are used a network point of connecting workstations together. It allows operations to be carried on the network through the router access. Switch Switches in computer networks help to send and receive data around. They help the data flow between workstations by connecting multiple workstations on the hub. The benefit of having switches on the network is that they prevent data from over-flowing. this is because they manage the data speed between the switches. Switches are mainly used on the network by workstations. It allows data to flow with ease. Connections can be made quicker with having various switches on the network. Hub A hub is a connection
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