World Fall Essay

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It’s the year 2020. Since the start of the New Year, the world has gotten more and more chaotic with each passing day. The Seven Major Powers have become antagonistic towards each other. The very air we breathe has become thick with malevolence. Peace was nonexistent. The streets have become rivers of blood; the scent – nauseating. There was so much blood that even the rain was stained red. War was upon us all… Across the globe the death rate for each nation sky rocketed in just a few months. Old, young, men, women even children were being killed. There were no exceptions. It was as if the heart of man had become shrouded with a veil of evil. Grievances were no longer settled with mere words and paper; but with spilt blood and metal …show more content…

Together, they fought relentlessly against the many armies, often engaging in subterfuge. They quietly infiltrated many enemy bases, assassinated important personnel in the various armies, and even hijacked military intelligence networks in order to save as many people as possible. Their aim was put an end to the atrocious war. Every member of Darelius shared one thing in common. They all despised those in power from the Seven Great Nations. This hatred of the Seven Major Powers of the world was one that was deeply rooted into their bones. It was a hatred that would not subside even with the passage of thousands of years! Why? Some countries have already disappeared and many were on the verge of being wiped from the face of the earth. Several islands, along with their many inhabitants, have long since sunken to the bottom of the sea, never to be seen again. Many died without even knowing how they died. The ones who started this cruel bloody war made life a living hell. They needed to be stopped. No, they needed to die! Mercy to one’s enemy is cruelty to one’s self and family, they had to die! The reason for the high death toll across the globe was because the weapons used in this war were mostly large-scale extinction type weapons. Hydrogen bombs, bio weapons and the like. There was even a case where America used an

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