World Religions : The Nature Divine And The Existence Of Evil

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World Religions: The Nature the of Divine and the Existence of Evil

There are many different religions of the world and religion is found in societies of the past and present. Many of the religions today have been practiced for years. I will focus on seven different religions in this paper and how they each express the nature of the divine and how each religion views and deals with the existence of evil. Nature of the divine refers to God or Gods and their presence. Some religions are monotheistic, believing in one God, some are polytheistic, believing in more than one God, and some have no deity or worship at all. These belief systems affect how each religion expresses the nature of the divine and deals with the existence of evil. The …show more content…

This G*d is personal with his chosen people. The God of Judaism is loving, righteous, and merciful in all his works regarding his chosen people, the Jews who he called Israel. There is some documented confusion regarding God and humanity. One account of creation in Genesis portrays a superior God who created the world in six days systematically and harmoniously while other biblical text portray a God apart from forces of nature with no control over them. In the beginning of both narratives, there are natural forces of water that were already in existence prior to creation (Krell, 3). Judaism universally rejects the declaration in the New Testament that "Jesus is the son of God". "The corruption of Christianity, according to Judaism, is the belief that Jesus the only begotten Son of God. In Judaism, Jesus is viewed as a Jew who practiced and taught in harmony with the Jewish sects of that day” (Caner & Hinderson, 280). After the death of Jesus, it is believed that he was transformed into a messianic savior by the apostle Paul. According to Judaism, Christianity created a second coming of Jesus because he did not fulfill the messianic prophecies in his first coming and thus was not the messiah nor the Son of God. Christianity, the most popular religion in the world, developed from Judaism but there are several differences in their teachings. Most Christians believe that Jesus is the divine Son of God. Many claim Jesus as their savior, and live their lives according to

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