Worldviews In Avatar

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INTRODUCTION The 2009 futuristic movie, Avatar, portrays a fictional planet called Pandora that is in danger of being destroyed by earth. In 2154, humans seek to harvest Pandora’s plentiful reserves and resources. The movie itself presents conflicting worldviews to the viewer. I would argue Avatar lays out a clear New Age or Pantheistic worldview, alongside Christian truths. The producers have created from there, strong arguments about evils in our current society, and pushed possible solutions or reactions. How should we as Christians and apologists respond to these “truths?” BODY Before I dive into the specifics of the worldviews presented, and the scenes in which they come alive, I want to have a clear understanding of the movie’s plot and characters. Like mentioned earlier, the movie takes place in 2145 on the planet Pandora. The plot revolves around a research team, employed by a wealthy corporation, and escorted by military, to retrieve minerals and other resources from the planet Pandora. Pandora is filled with blue sinned natives called, the Na’vi. The research time has developed a type of technology that splices human DNA and Na-vi DNA to create a Na-vi body without consciousness. This allows the main character, Jake, a crippled marine, to consciously enter the body of his Na-vi like a virtual video game. Jake is able to see, touch, smell and experience Pandora like the natives do. This experience is exactly what the fat corporation needs as they want Jake to be

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