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“Hey dad,” Laura asked as she skipped into the kitchen, noticing her dad was reading the newspaper, “can we go for a boat ride today, and maybe do a little fishing?” Her dad simply stated, “Go ask your mother.” Laura skipped her way upstairs and asked her mom if they could go boating. Her mom exclaimed, “Honey, that is a great idea, it’s a beautiful day for it!” Laura, her mom, and dad started packing up for a day on the water. Laura packed up her goggles, her mom packed some snacks, and her dad got the fishing poles reading, and hooked up the boat. After a half hour they had finally gotten their swimsuits on, grabbed a towel and headed outside. As they stepped out the door, they felt as if they had stepped in a roaring fire. They quickly walked to get into the air conditioned truck. Lauras dad started the truck, and they headed to the Petoskey Boat Launch. After five minutes of driving they got there. They put their boat in the calm water, and headed off into Lake Michigan. They headed towards a secret cave that hung over the water they had found that was amazing for fishing. They cast out their lines, but only for a second. “Wow, that was as fast as lightning!” exclaimed Laura. She pulled and yanked on her line until it was close to the boat, but it suddenly it jerked off. As it swam away, she noticed it was a big sunfish. Laura was really disappointed that she had lost such a big fish. Laura cast her line back in the water at sat there for about

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