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Finley Hilton is a Native Irishman who walks amongst the strange land with wide, curious eyes. These strange, triangular houses are foreign, and the colors of their skin are darker than his own. He doesn’t like it. But, he decided to come to Canada to get a better life for himself. He did not know what tribe this was, but it intrigued him. This tribe is fact, was a Northwestern native tribe in Canada. The people there live in the Woodlands, using their surroundings to make homes. Their food supply consists mostly of fish, but also of nuts and berries. They also made use of the ocean, which was so close by. Swimming was a common sport, and children were expected to help at all times. Before long, Finley’s explorations lead him to another tribe. He can see mountains and he swore they could scrape the sky. The mountains are now known as the Rocky Mountains.…show more content…
The ocean is also used to find food. Rocks(especially sandstones) are used to make tools. As well as canyons, plateaus are common in the B.C. Interior. Soon after, Finley found himself wishing he could peel off some of his clothing. The heat of the sun bore into his back. He could find no shade, because he was surrounded by plains. The dandelion color hurt his eyes. Some type of mountain was not too far away from him, but he had self-doubt about climbing the mountain, even though it was shorter than most. Finley felt as if he was a punching bag, and the best player had used him to practice on. His mouth felt as dry as his surroundings. Blessed he felt then, for he had made it up the mountain! Trees were little, but Finley did not care, he instead felt grateful for what was given. There were not many trees in the area, but what was lost was made up in the animals; birds and minor predators were being used for food in the area. He saw the houses were tall and shaded, which was
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