Writing : 'Alliance Between The Celes And The Morokus'

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Twenty million rand worth of shares... - How does it sound to you? - Twenty million? I thought you wanted to think things through. I have. I'm in. The alliance between the Celes and the Morokas... We have to keep it that way. We can't let Siphesihle destroy it. Give me solutions. Not problems. I think I know someone who could help us get in. Yster. Water, please. You will get water. You have to talk first. How do we get inside the compound? How do we get inside the compound? Forget it. That place is like a maximum prison. - There's top security. - There's always a way. Maybe a side door, a window they forgot to close... an alarm-free zone... Talk! No. Tell me how we can get into that compound. No... That's impossible. …show more content…

- It's either that, or you go back to #hashtag. - Hell no. - So? - That bridge has officially been burnt. - So are you going to look for a job? - I'm not going back to working for someone. I guess... small-time it is. - Are the elders gone? - No. They're in Dad's study. Giving me time to come to my senses. You knew they wouldn't agree to a divorce. It doesn't make it any easier. You know, they're all ganging up on me. They're guilt-tripping me. What do you mean? About the alliance between the families? What they stand to lose if I jeopardise the alliance. And how I'd publicly embarrass them. You'd swear I'm the first person to get divorced. - Marriages fail all the time. - So? Are you going to give in to the pressure and make the marriage work or... I hope that's what she'll do. She owes the family that much. You're probably right. This whole thing could be a big disaster and could blow up in my face. And it could also cause a huge disruption in my life. But I have to do what's right for me and my child. That means getting out of this marriage. - When will you realise this isn't only about you? - Families pull together in times of crisis. That maybe the case... but mothers are supposed to put their children first. I don't want Rorisang to grow up in a dysfunctional family. So the divorce is going through. My mind is made up. I booked a table at your favourite restaurant. I thought we could go

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