Writing An I Search Paper

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When I first learned we were going to be writing an I-Search paper in English, I was excited. I liked the idea that we got to pick our own topic and that it could be anything we chose it to be. However, I didn’t realize at the time how hard it actually was to find the “perfect” topic. I had many topics in mind, but I didn’t realize all the time you had to put into finding a good topic. The first thing we did in class to help us find our topic was filling out a personal web. This personal web was mainly any aspect in your life that is important to you or interests you. We discussed our webs with a partner, and they attempted to find the topics that we mentioned more than once or something they thought would be a good topic. Nothing really clicked for me in my personal web. I did have some ideas for my topic, but they just didn’t seem interesting. A lot of my classmates found a topic when they filled in their web, but I still wasn’t sure. My partner and I found that a lot of the topics in my web were related to children and the medical field, but I couldn’t think of a topic that tied them both together and would suit me. My topic didn’t come to me until one night after my basketball game. My mom, my aunt, my brother, and I went out to eat. They were trying to help me, but they were just joking around. My mom was joking to me about how I should be thankful because she was on bed rest for 62 days due to a medical condition she encountered during her pregnancy with me. I was

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