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Name: Thu Hoai Nguyen

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Course and Section Number: THEO 202- D13

Hamartiology: The Problem of Evil Hamartiology, also known as the doctrine of sin, has been debated for centuries due to the confusion about the existence of evil in the world God created. This doctrine is more than an explanation for the problem of evil, but it affects our relationship with our all-powerful, all-loving God. The problem of evil, indeed, is an issue that objects to the belief of God 's existence. Being the label for a series of problems involving God and evil, evil is seen in many different situations and getting worse nowadays (Elwell 413). Evils, such as crimes, disasters, and diseases, still happen in our fallen world. Atheists …show more content…

Moreover, curses fall over all creations causing the natural evil. The answer why evil exists in our world still has not been found; however, there are various views of theodicy that try to explain this doubtful question. Gottfried Leibniz believes that "God is obligated to create the best" (Elwell 1185). In short, humankind is created in the image of God, as can be seen in the quote: " So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them" (Gen 1.27). Additionally, the Eden garden that God created in the first place for Adam and Eve seems like a utopia, a perfect world which has everything (Gen 2.10-14). However, his theodicy is somehow lacking in persuasiveness as it also means that the best possible world must contains moral and natural evil. John Hick suggests the soul-building theodicy: "God 's intent in creating man was not to create a perfect creature, but rather to create a being in need of moral development". Even though his system seems to answer the problem of evil, it means that the world God created in the first place was not perfect. Furthermore, why would people created in His image not be perfect? The free will defense points out that God is not the cause of evil, but the abuse of human free will is (Elwell 1186). Most people agree with this concept; the only minor thing people might imply is that rather than the choices we are

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