Xanax Research Paper

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The purpose of this paper is to go into extensive research on Alprazolam aka “Xanax” in the duration of this paper, it will be evident the impact that this drug can have on the human body and in my instances, it will be apparent not only how helpful it can be but how life damaging it can be, if not taken safely and carefully. This report will go into extensive detail on the psychodynamics of the drug as well as the pharmacokinetics. Alprazolam is quite powerful and mind altering the affects that it can have on the body can be very intense, especially if not taking carefully which is why it is vital to make sure that you take the recommended doses taken by your doctor, failure to do so can result in death.
Alprazolam is a Central Nervous System
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Peak concentrations in the plasma occur between one and two hours following administration. Plasma levels are proportionate to the dose given. Xanax has been used as a tranquilizer and was quite controversial in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Ironically enough, the controversy isn’t as prevalent with more than three million Americans using benzodiazepines daily within the last twelve months. Many years ago, before the rise in prescription medication being given by physicians many patients went through talk therapy and would talk in depth with their doctors about their feelings and emotions; this process had proven to be very expensive and time consuming and not even always effective. The notion that giving more drugs out for minor mental illnesses and anxiety being beneficial took a place in people’s lives and a revolution was born. Granted, talk therapy was still relative however prescribing medication for these ailments took off majorly and the rise in prescription use for Xanax…show more content…
If the individual decides to get into a vehicle after mixing these medications then they can expect not to be able to drive as safely as they would while not under the influence of the mixed medications and of course the results can be hazardous, ending in an accident or even death. According to the scientific American both alcohol and Xanax are cleared from the body from the same liver enzymes; both drugs are broken down by the exact same compounds which is problematic being that it takes the body longer to detoxify itself after taking the two together at the same time subsequently making the substance stay in your system that much longer. It seems that the attraction to taking these two drugs simultaneously is because of how they both are intensified when taking them together however that intense feeling can be very dangerous and it can cause intense sedation, very dangerous accidents, severe depression, and cardiac
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