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How would Xerox define diversity? How has its definition changed over the years?
In business , diversity has seen action in the managing of human resource as essential capital in fostering businesses at a global scale . Diversity is also seen as a concept where differences can be a powerful resource . Based on the Case facts, Xerox value diversity as the most priceless resource to drive the company towards achieving its goals.
According to Xerox Chairman & former CEO, Anne M. Mulcahy, diversity is not just about race, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability. She and the staff believed that diversity provide an environment for employee to grow for their fullest potential. Employee with different ways …show more content…

For instance, women and minorities represent 52% of Xerox workforce and about 42.5% of Xerox senior executives are women or people of color or both.

* Friendly HR policies
Xerox understand that women struggling to balance work and family commitments. Thus, HR function initiated alternative work schedules and other HR policies as the company recognizes that family and individual needs affect employee performance.
Besides, Xerox also has a work life programs to ensures that the workforce become successful in their career and family such as dependent care fund, employee assistance program and education assistance program.

* Xerox Employee Caucus Groups
A caucus group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees.
After establishment of this program, the company began to provide domestic partner benefits for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees.
The groups consist of Asians Coming Together, Black Women’s Leadership Council, GALAXe – Pride at work, Hispanic Association for Professional Advancement, National Black Employee Assosiation and The Women’s Alliance.

* CEO roundtables
An annual diversity employee roundtables with senior managers. This program provide platform for employees to engage in unfiltered

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