Yō Aburame

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Yō Aburame (油女よう, Aburame Yō) is a shinobi of exceptional skill and massive chakra prowess. First daughter of Shino Aburame, Yō is next in line as the Aburame Clan Head. She takes great pride in her clan and village and worked to surpass previous members of her clan and to earn herself the attention she felt she never received from her parents. Her mother being Nakuka also landed high expectations and even the hope she'd soon acquire her own Rinnegan, but failed to reach even an ounce of her mother's visual prowess. Despite this, she found her own talent under the training of Rock Lee, who introduced her to the Land of Kyūkei to Heiwa, where thousands of exotic insects and arthropods existed and would fight alongside her. With these bugs, Yō
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