Year Round Schooling: Should It Be Implemented? Essay

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One of the most talked about issues of schooling today, would be year round schooling. The program started as a new way to learn. The old way and still the way most schools calendar is set up was designed the way it is due to harvest times, when the United States was a farming country. There have been many studies done, and some schools have already implemented this program. The studies and the schools that have gone ahead and implemented the program have seen both good things and bad things in their findings. There will be both pros and cons for every issue, and some may see pros and cons differently. Year round schooling is the idea of attending school for an entire year, not all 365 days, but continuously throughout the year. Year …show more content…

More information that backs up the economic argument for year round schooling is that instead of buying a new building because of overcrowded schools, that cost can be avoided because year round schooling helps to alleviate crowded buildings. Academics is the one thing that year round schooling has proven without a doubt to help increase. Students have less time to lose the information, and also have more time for the information to be reinforced throughout the year. The cons of year round schooling are oddly the same things as the pros all except for academic success. It just depends on how you look at the issue. Some of the other cons would be things like; summer jobs, too much change, parents and students may not like it, and also an impact on extracurricular activities. Having a year round schedule means that there is no time for stable employment. By the time someone in high school finds a job, gets trained in their new position, they will have to stop working to return to school, or they could try and juggle while their grades may drop. It takes the whole summer job idea that high school students are so accustomed to having. On the same side of this con are the teachers. Teachers usually get jobs in the summer to make a few extra bucks to help compensate for the pay they earn during the year. So by going to year round

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