Years Ago, If A Person Displayed Strange Ways Of Doing

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Years ago, if a person displayed strange ways of doing things, such as laying in bed all day and not eating, they were seen as abnormal. Scientists diagnosed them using a model of behavior that coincided with the beliefs circulating throughout the cultural. For a while the main model of behavior was the demonological model. Medieval scientists and practitioners would see the abnormal person as possessed or being driven by the devil. Treatments for any behavior deemed abnormal ranged from prayers to public whipping in order to drive out the spirits. As society evolved and scientists began to experiment they developed several models for abnormal functioning. Each model of abnormality will be further analyzed Looking at all of the behavior…show more content…
Growing out from the id is the ego which let’s a person know which impulses are acceptable and which are unacceptable. Much of this is the result of parental guidance. Just as ego grew from id, so does superego grow from ego. Superego presents morals to these impulses and tells us right from wrong by shaping the conscience. Psychodynamic Therapists have developed several therapies based off of the branches of the psychodynamic model of behavior. Whichever therapy is chosen to help the patient work through their underlying conflicts, a series of techniques are used to reach that point. To start, a patient is asked to describe in great detail any thoughts, feelings or pictures that pop into their head. This is called Free Association. The hope is that a patient will unconscious begin to talk about an event in the past that they have been trying to forget. As the patient talks the Therpists listens carefully for clues, in order to draw conclusions on what the patient can handle. Next, when ready, the patient will relive the past event or undergo Catharsis and work through this over the course of several sessions. They can either focus on one problem or the therapist can take on a promonent role by disclosing certain things about themselves. The behavioral model has therapists focus on the “responses an organism makes to their environment” since each action is a reaction to what an individual experiences. One way a patient learns a
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