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Cam Sobolik and Justin Kerian
How to Yo-Yo Do you ever lay around looking for something entertaining to do or try. This is easy to use, very portable, can be used anywhere, and is one of the easiest things to learn. Its called a yo-yo, and can be played for seconds, minutes, hours, and if you're really good you could play it for days. Doing yo-yo, can improve hand-eye coordination and help you be more active.
Buy a yo-yo.
If no string get a string, any will do but we suggest a yo-yo string.
On one side of the yo-yo string, there should be a hole. If no hole either side will work.
Take the one side and unwind the string by twisting it. A new hole should appear.
Slide the hole over the yo-yo and rewrap the string tight.
Check string length by holding the string on the end not attached to the yo-yo, and drop the yo-yo from your belly button.
The yo-yo should drop …show more content…

Wind up yo-yo string around the gag in the yo-yo, either way is fine. If string is slipping try to pull the string tighter, or put your finger on the yo-yo and wrap the string around it. When done pull your finger out if doing step 9. Put your middle finger in the hole in the string, the string hole should go past your knuckle. If no hole, make a slip knot on the side that is loose. Release yo-yo from belly button. Right before the yo-yo runs out of string to go down, give the string a jerk and it should go back up. If not, rewrap and try again. If your yo-yo hits the floor, it might break. Continue this until done with your yo-yo. If you play with a yo-yo, you will have to get up and move around making you way more active than sitting on the couch. This toy can go anywhere with you and is one of the most portable ones around. The yo-yo is very easy to learn, and can be played for long or short periods of time. The next time you have no idea what to do, pick up a yo-yo and find out how much stuff you can do with

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