Lab Report On Enzyme Activity

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The purpose of this lab is to test for enzyme activity by examining factors that may influence the enzymes.

Background: The reaction taking place is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) being broken down into oxygen gas(O2), and water (H2O). The function of the enzyme catalase is to help with the speed of the chemical reaction being done. The enzyme mixes with oxygen to quicken the reaction. We added the chemical Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) to the enzyme mixture to see how it would affect the rate of the reaction. The two things affect enzyme function is temperature and pH. We decided to use Hydrochloric Acid, it has a low pH making it an acidic chemical. We wanted to see if a chemical with an acid pH would affect the speed of the enzyme function. If the rate of the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide is affected by pH, then the enzyme will speed up the reaction time. Turn on the hot plate to heat up the mixture of Catalase (Activated Yeast). Once it hits between 30-37ºC the yeast is ready to use.
As the yeast is warming up use the hole puncher and punch holes into the filter paper to create hole punches to test
Once the yeast has warmed up, fill the 10 ml graduated cylinder and pour it into one of the beakers. Fill the graduated cylinder again so there’s 20 ml of catalase in the beaker.
Grab the 50 ml graduated cylinder and fill it to the 50 mark line with the Diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide. Pour it into the other beaker.
Next use the tweezers and grab a one of the hole punches and hold it in
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