Exemplification Essay: Can Yoga Cause Weight Loss?

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20 YOGA WEIGHT LOSS SECRETS DIVULGED Can Yoga cause weight loss? This has become a common question on many people's lips. In fact, questions about weight loss have become prevalent in our society, because people have become aware of the evils of obesity and therefore seek for ways to avoid this condition. So, the answer to that question is, yes, yoga can help you burn fat fast and lose weight, as well as help you achieve your ideal body form. These tips are definitely going to be of use to you on your weight loss journey using Yoga. YOGA IS A WORK OUT You may have heard some people say otherwise, but the first thing you should know is that yoga is indeed a work out, not just body stretching. Yoga is an exercise that combines breathing, poses and meditation. It burns calories just like any other aerobics would. While some forms of yoga are subtle, concentrating on breathing and meditation more, other forms …show more content…

Plan ahead of time, the form of yoga you need. Find out more about the different forms of yoga and discover what suits you best. BE COMMITTED Every form of exercise, including yoga, requires commitment. You can only see the result you expect by regularly and diligently working out. Decide how many times in a week you will set out for yoga practice and stick with it. Usually, practicing 30 minutes of yoga at least 3 days a week, will make a lot of difference. DIET PLAYS A GREATER ROLE Diet contributes to weight loss more than exercise. If you work out regularly, but still eat the same kind of food that made you overweight, in the same proportion, you will definitely not see results. Therefore, as you practice yoga, concentrate also on your diet. UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLE OF WEIGHT GAIN When you eat, you body uses it as energy. If you eat more than the body needs, the rest gets stored as fat, which makes you overweight with time as it

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