You 've Created A Killer Playlist

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You 're on Spotify. You 've created a killer playlist. You want, nay, need the world to see your musical genius and prowess. But you have all of 6 followers and one of them doesn 't count because it 's your grandma for whom you set up the account and followed yourself. You need help.

Well, we here at Appamatix are here to clue you in and offer some friendly advice on how to get those followers you are looking for. Because let 's face it, Spotify is more than just a means of listening to music (if that was all you wanted, you could always use the superior Songza). Spotify is also a social network, and you want to use that social network to the fullest. That means gaining Spotify followers who will... erm... follow you... on Spotify. Sorry, I felt much better about that sentence before I started it.

A lot of the problems I had with fame I was bringing on myself. A lot of self-loathing, a lot of woe-is-me. Now I 'm learning to see the positive side of things, instead of, like, "I can 't go to Kmart. I can 't take my kids to the haunted house." — Eminem (Marshall Mathers)

Get More Followers on Spotify


If you 're here reading this article, you probably already have a Spotify account. Perhaps you 're a student who 's taken our advice on getting a student discount on Spotify. But just in case you don 't or you 're just starting out and wanna get in on the fun, here 's a brief overview of Spotify and why you might want that thing I just said.

Spotify is a Swedish

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