Young Children 's Early Arts

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Young children 's early arts experiences are important in terms of effective early childhood educational practices and learning. This presentation will promote awareness of the various modes that young children (from birth to five years of age) can and should have experiences of art-based activities within educational settings, at home and within their communities. It was previously believed that in the early childhood years, arts education was not essential. The arts education available were only small opportunities, which allowed children to express themselves in a creative manner. This often took place without a great amount of teacher interference and was carried out separately from the "real" subjects found in the curriculum and the classroom (Phillips, Gorton, Pinciotti, & Sachdev, 2010). Children use their innate senses of smell, touch, taste, sound and sight as they make sense of their world around them. In doing so, allows them to enables children to engage in their own expressions, as well as make choices, connections and their thoughts and feelings for communication and to learn (Wright, 2012). The visual and performing arts and well as arts-related activities, within the five arts disciplines of music, movement/dance, drama, visual art and media, foster engagement for representational, communicative, expressive and social capacities in children which can extend their awareness, perception and thinking. Experiences of the arts may give a rich and unique
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