“Young and Restless in China” Essay

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In the PBS Documentary, “Young and Restless in China,” the stress forced upon young Chinese is an uncomfortable side-effect of the country’s accelerated growth. It is consequently a nation’s youth being torn between old Chinese traditions and the new ideas brought from western cultures.. This makes it more difficult than ever for young Chinese to maneuver their way through the land of booming economy and opportunities. Life in China has changed drastically due to modernization and the influence of western. As a result, generations clash, causing much confusing and stress for young Chinese. The seemingly most emblematic …show more content…

It also gives them a sense of self confidence and freedom of old tradition. In addition to the new generation of China’s western ideas, is the matter of arranged marriages. Today, more than ever, young Chinese wish to seek true love with a partner of their choosing, rather than the old tradition of a mate being selected for them by the individuals parents. This new adaptation of the old Chinese tradition has not set well with the older generations. The older generation suggests upon hand picking their children’s mates, because they believe it will provide a sense of the financial stability ; specifically for young Chinese females. This idea is expressed in the video by a young lady named Wei Zhanyan. This young Chinese individual is struggling to live on her own, forced to make ends meet with a mere salary of forty cents an hour at a cellular phone factory. Although out on her own, it doesn’t stop her parents from pushing an arranged marriage on Wei. Like many other young Chinese today, she feels extremely pressured to oblige her parent’s wishes. to heed the old . As a result, young Chinese are becoming very confused when they see other cultures and countries marrying for love. They see how content these

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