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Meta: They might be long gone, but history tells us the presence of dinosaurs should by no means be forgotten. Giving players a history lesson, YoYouGaming are unleashing an unforgettable roar with Last Dinosaurs!

Last Dinosaurs Review

Prior to the dawn of mankind, there were ginormous creatures roaming the earth. Dinosaurs were one of the most ferocious species to ever grace the planet. Just by looking at fossils of dinosaurs, it is hard to imagine what damage these creatures could do now. Usually the dinosaur wouldn’t be a creature you would associate with casino slots, until now that is, as YoYouGaming has brought these beasts to the fore. Last Dinosaurs is a slot game that promises to be an epic for a whole number of reasons.

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Adding to that, you will have five-reels and thirty-paylines to work with in this casino slot. Every time you win, all the symbols will be highlighted along with a line that is drawn on screen from the left to right.

Take a “Jurassic” journey

When you hit the spin button, you will hear a snarl, which might just remind you of Jurassic Park. Depending on what kind of win you get, there is a different tune that will be played for you. There are plenty of bonuses in Last Dinosaurs too, off which most will help you win big. There is a wild symbol that will substitute itself in order to complete your active paylines. You will also have a scatter symbol to use, which will shower you with free spins. This promises to be one of the rewarding symbols in the game, as there is potential for you to win a multiplier that will be applied to your base line bet.

The last hurrah with Last Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs may not be around anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a little bit of fun with them. Last Dinosaurs is an engaging casino slot that has incredible visual designs and rewarding gameplay to match. That being said, the reels of this “Jurassic” game are well worth
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