Zodiac Signs Essay

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Zodiac Signs are fun to toy around with. Want to find out what personality you are? Want to find out what signs you are compatible with? Want to know how your health gets affected with the zodiac signs? You have come to the perfect place! The astrological zodiacs are divided into 12 distinct signs. The constellation behind the sun during your birth is ideally your sign. Separated by 9 degrees on either side of the earth’s orbit and the sun’s path, Zodiac signs are named after the constellations in Latin. There are ideally 12 signs in Astrology. They are: • Aries • Taurus • Gemini • Cancer • Leo • Virgo • Libra • Scorpio • Sagittarius • Capricorn • Aquarius • Pisces Once you have found out what zodiac you belong to, you could read through what …show more content…

A Virgo it is! Reasonable, practical, head strong and inquisitive, the Virgo is one of the most feminine signs of the zodiac. They can be short tempered, impatient, and sometimes a tad too selfish. Charming, intuitive and very skillful at reading and understanding people, Virgo gels well with Taurus and Capricorn. o Libra Represented by scales, the Libra is all about justice, balance and stability. They like peace, beauty and harmony around them. Understanding, caring and ideally very quiet, the Librans prefer to be quiet and avoid any arguments. However, if the need be, they can take a battle head on like no other. Excellent debaters, Libra carry themselves with a happy and carefree attitude. Decision making is however one of the most challenging jobs for them. o Scorpio Artistic, creative, and one of the most sensual lovers in the Zodiac, the Scorpio is the most dynamic signs. The charm, the mystical glances, the aura is so attractive that people are drawn to you like moth is to flame. Unforgiving, bold, cool, particularly head strong, the Scorpio can have a dangerous dark side. Withdrawn and secretive, Scorpios are known to be the best friends you could ever ask

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