a gothic short story

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Why do people want to live in a perfect world? Everyone wants to live in their own fantasy world because that is where all their dreams are able to come true. No one wants a world of grief and sorrow. Life should be lived to its fullest. It should not be wasted. It should be embraced. When we are faced with agony, we must either make a choice between accepting it or hiding from it. In the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams, the author mainly focuses on Blanche Dubois, a woman who moved to her sister’s house due to the loss of Belle Reve, her family home. She is a deceptive and selfish person, who cannot accept the occurrence of agony in her life. She mentally deteriorates due to the lost and rejection of love, and due to …show more content…

She wants to display that she can care for others, which means she will be able to take care of him if marries her. Blanche believes that by lying to him, she will be able to live a pleasant life. This not true, no one wants to live with a soul mate that deceives you. True love is about being honest with yourself and towards your loved one. Living a life filled with worries about your lies will not give you enchantment, but will only give you misery and pain. This is what eventually happened to Blanche. After Mitch was informed about Blanche’s lies from Stanley, he despised her. He did this by not appearing at her birthday dinner. He came after to confront her with her lies. He wanted to know the truth about her, so he rips off the paper lantern covering the light bulb. Light reveals truth and she does not want people to know about her true self. She wants to cover up her wrinkles, and hide from her guilt for killing her husband and sleeping with other men. The paper lantern symbolizes her, so once Mitch rips it off, he is revealing all her lies. Blanche is forced to reveal all her lies to Mitch as she states “Yes, I had many intimacies with strangers,” (p. 138). Blanche can no longer hide her lies because Mitch went to investigate about her, and so there is no use in hiding her secrets anymore. Mitch no longer wants to marry Blanche anymore as he says “You’re not clean enough to bring in the house with my mother,” (p. 121). Mitch’s decision is right

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