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1. Introduction a) This business plan describes a proposed venture to expand Busters from a one-store to two-store operation. b) Busters is a small retail store located in the lobby of a thriving large office building. It currently has three employees and sells snacks, sandwiches, beverages, cards, newspaper, books and small gift items. c) Ultimately, we hope to expand Busters so that it becomes a chain of 10-15 stores situated in the downtown office buildings. Statement of purpose The purpose of this Business Plan is to outline our current operations and map out our plans for expansion. Our goals are to raise additional capital through private loans and private equity injections from individuals…show more content…
We realize that the 1month time frame will allow for a small inventory to be maintained during opening months. From there we will be able to determine rate for replenishment. We have already coordinated with local distributors to set up accounts for purchases and repayment. ! a) Operating Cost ! Legal ! Stationery etc. ! Insurance ! Rent ! Research and development ! Payroll ! Utilities ! $250 $150 $425 $1,500 $0 $4,920 $0 Payroll Taxes ! Other ! Inventory ! Cash Required ! TOTAL OPERATING COST ! ! ! ! b) $120 $175 $3,068 $2,500 $13,108 Investment Requirements !

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