challenges of full service airline facing today

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Topic: Challenges of full service airlines facing today

1. Introduction
Full service airline is defined as an airline that focuses on providing a wide range of pre-flight and onboard services, including different service classes, and connecting flights that are also operating a hub-and-spoke model (Reichmuth, 2008). According to Cento (2009), the core business of full-service carriers including passenger, cargo and maintenance.
In recent years, full service airlines are facing different challenges including the increasing competition, market shifts and the change of customer needs. This essay is to analysis the three main difficulties faced by full service airline and suggests some improvements.

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Compare to the previous generation, the Youngers are more focusing on their budget rather the coverage of services. For example, they may not care about the entertaining facilities provided as they have their smart phone. Therefore, they may choose low cost airline or other transportations like through train to save their costs. Therefore, the traditional airlines need to change their images and strategies in order to fulfill the needs of customers. For example, the fanfares provided by The Dragonair and Cathay Pacific Airline which providing high quality of service with lower price. And the online promoting strategy which placing advertisement though social media platform such as Facebook can establish a young and updated image of the airline in order to fulfill the needs of young customers.

3. Suggested improvements and future of full-service airlines
Although the full-service airline cannot provide cheap fares as the low cost airline, they are still remaining their competitive advantages. The good quality of service such as entertaining facilities provided by the full-service is their largest competitive advantage that cannot be replaced by the low cost airlines. Cento (2009) writes that the major objective of the hub-and-spoke network in full service airline is to provide full coverage of as many demand categories as possible. Therefore, the full service airline is still occupying the market in premium travels. In order to

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