climate change essay

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Connors bf: Desiree Rickys Bf: Louise Jc boyfriend: ME Sams Sister: Miko Sams boyfriend:Hannah Kians Besfriend: hannah Ricardos Sister: (210) 699-1545 caleigh Acacia: acacia rp "I love you Jc" "I love you to Nikki, but you leave tomorrow and i don 't think this can work from long distance..." "But Jc we can make this work. We. We were meant to be, I mean thats everyone says. "I 'm sorry but I cant bear to be away from you for even one second. ' I could feel tears coming to my eyes knowing that he was breaking up with me tore my heart apart. I really needed to get my priorities together so I knew what I was going to do with my life when I leave Texas and go back to California. "Huuuuuuuhhhh," I gasped and opened my…show more content…
"I 'm new here, and I was just wondering if you could help me out today, like show me around and stuff?" "Ohhh, you 're the new girl from Australia." "So I don 't really need a introduction either?" I looked up from the ground and into his eyes. The pure brown colour of his eyes gave me goosebumps. "I should probably show you the front office then shouldn 't I?" "That would be a good start." he smiled then turned around he placed his skate board on the ground and rolled away. "Are you coming or what?" Placing my skate board on the ground I pushed off and caught up to him easily. We rounded a corner this time to running into anyone. He raced ahead and stopped out side the front office, "I 'll see you later ok?" "Yeah see you JC" I watched him skate away for what seemed like eternity, I snapped out of it and stepped into the front office, there was a chirpy looking receptionist, her revaluing top made me question if something was going on inside this workplace. "You must be Nikki, the new girl" "Yeah I just transferred here from Australia so I need all my classes and stuff." She handed me a sheet of paper with my schedule on it. "Okay, so your in home room 12 and Mr. Webb will be your teacher. There 's also a map of the school. And here are all your text books. Oh and I also most forgot your locker key and your locker it number 327 just
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