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DAVE ULRICH’S HR MODEL David Ulrich’s HR Model Why did HR Model by David Ulrich changed Human Resources? What are 4 key roles of HR? Content 1. About creative HRM 2. David Ulrich (brief intro) 3. HR Model by David Ulrich 4. 1. HR Business Partner 2. Change Agent 3. Administration Expert 4. Employee Advocate Summary 1 ABOUT CREATIVE HRM About Creative HRM 1. Creative HRM is a website fully devoted to modern and agile HR Management. 2. It covers all HR Processes like the Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits, Organization Design, Training and Development, Leadership Development, Employee Relations and HR Development. Click to visit! 3. Creative HRM is a source of the contemporary HR practices…show more content…
HRBP is a strategic role of Human Resources. 2. HRBP builds a strategic partnership and relationship with dedicated internal clients. HRBP acts as a single point of contact for internal clients. He represents Human Resources and advertises HR services in the organization. 3. HRBP influences positively the organization design and identifies key top talents. HRBP helps to identify key know-how holders and helps to spread their knowledge across the organization. 4. HRBP gives a honest feedback to the internal client and uses feedback to improve HR procedures and services. 5. HRBP opens vacancies and preselects candidates that fit best into the team and supports diversity. 6. HRBP shares business objectives with the internal client and incorporates HR goals into the daily agenda. 7. HRBP runs cross functional projects aiming to increase productivity, support innovations and develop talents. 8. HRBP acts as a couch in difficult moments. He facilitates difficult meetings and find a win-win solution. Change Agent 1. The change agent is a second strategic role of Human Resources. 2. HR participates in change management teams and takes the responsibility to communicate changes internally and gain the trust of employees. HR leads initiatives to prepare employees to live in a new organization. 3. HR plans the internal communication and intervenes to plans to make them achievable and understandable by employees. 4. HR plans training sessions for
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