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Johnecia Eady Dr. Price ENC 1101 23 February 2015 “First Job” In her essay “First Job”, Iliana Roman, a mother and hair salon owner. Who became pregnant in high school and dropped out. She held several jobs, while studying to attain her GED, taking business classes at a community college. Iliana used her education to transform into a successful salon owner. Roman describes her traumatic testimony on how determined she was to make her life successful after she realized the mistake that she made earlier on in her life. Roman accomplishment, even in times of fate, settles off for her any time throughout life. She determines to instill in her mind what she wants, why she wants it, and not letting anybody or anything get in her way. I have…show more content…
Roman, she had a very supportive family. While her father served as her inspiration to work hard at something she loved, it helped her throughout all of her career jobs she held. My dad was there for me; he helped me. He told me, “if you take it seriously and finish cosmetology school, I will buy you your own salon” (817). “Thank God for him! It was the best thing I ever did, because it helped me accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish” (815). She was determined to make her life successful after she realized the misconception that she made beforehand in her life. She got experience from working with the money aspect of a business from her job at Sportmart when she worked with all the payrolls and computers. After working there, Circuit City, and a car dealership, she winds up opening her own salon with full confidence in herself. One downside of her never having her own company was she had no experience with hiring employees. When roman was ready to hire staff, she got in touch with friends from cosmetology school. She learned that sometimes you can’t mix friendship and business together .she wound up hiring two friends , and they took advantage of her , they thought they could possible get over on her .They would smoke and not clean

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